Many political candidates are asking us to imagine a very different future than the species has ever confronted. From Andrew Yang’s pitch for UBI in a world where the biggest job sectors will be – have already begun – replacing humans with automation,  to Elizabeth Warren’s crusade for net neutrality, online privacy and breaking up the power of big tech, tech is on the front lines of candidate platforms.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where  technology plays a dual role, becoming the tools of direct democracy and new forms of representation and collaboration, new forms of governance that are incorruptible and transparent and beyond the geographical confines of nation-states and as borderless as the internet that is increasingly entwined with our lives…..but also providing the means for a surveillance state, and AI that adds a new dimension to separating machines from carbon-based intelligence – essential for our inevitably digital democracy.

Somehow all of these vectors come together in this excellent example of a deep fake video. There is something strangely moving about this political WestWorld, despite one knowing one is in the Uncanny Valley.

deep fake video still.png

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