My name is Sandra Stephens.   I write, mostly essays and short stories.  Sometimes I write about running, especially in the mountains, which is something I do for fun.  Sometimes I write about my family, and what it was like to grow up in the midwest.   Since I got remarried and acquired two step daughters, I sometimes write about love, and my experiences as a stepmom, which have been excellent.

Sometimes I write horror – it’s my favorite thing to write, something many people find surprising, which I used to take personally, but now I just chalk up to a failure of imagination – a failure that I am happy to correct, I might add.   That I write horror, and the horror stories themselves, tends to make people uncomfortable.  I like that.  If you’re really uncomfortable, you’re paying attention.  When you pay attention, you almost always see something you didn’t see before, something that was maybe there all along, biding its time.  Waiting for you to notice.  Heh.

I worked for a long time in corporate America – I bet you have at least 2 products I’ve worked on in your house. I also owned a commercial bakery.  Now I work as a warrior for democracy for a non-profit in Northern California.  The goal is to write, though; I have a Patreon account (SandraWrites) if you want to contribute to that cause.

I like to travel – my favorite places so far:  Barcelona, Istanbul, Oahu, Tokyo, Oslo during midsummer with the neverending light.  I hope to go to India, Kyoto, and Austria someday.  I’d like to go with my sister to Viet Nam, a trip we spent about 5 minutes planning one day but I haven’t been able to get my mind off of ever since.

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  2. Sandra: Sorry to contact you through your “about” page, but I couldn’t find another way — short of Twitter, which is too short!

    I have a proposition for you. I like your horror stories, and I’m editing a charity anthology of stories by various writers (most published, some not yet) about trolls, to be published before Halloween 2014.

    Any kind of trolls, including Internet. Any genre except erotica, children’s, or YA. There’s no money in it for authors (or for me), but there’s no cost, either, and all rights remain with the authors, who are free to simultaneously publish their stories elsewhere.

    John L. Monk (author of “Kick”) and I will be formatting the e-book and paperback, which will be available through Amazon (and possibly other channels). I may even be able to get a small hardcover print run done via my sister, who owns a design firm in San Francisco with an as-yet unused publishing division.

    If you’d like to see our work, please check out our books on Amazon.

    Here’s mine, “Hyperlink from Hell”:

    and here’s John’s, “Kick”:

    We have some very good authors signed on, and the cover (in progress) is available to see here, on my blog, “Belly-up!” I’m sure I can squeeze your name onto the cover…

    Again, I apologize for contacting you this way, and for dropping links on your “about” page. (Delete them all after you’ve read this, if you want!) If you are interested in the anthology details, you can email me at lindymoone@live.com, or contact me through my facebook “Lindy Moone, author” page, or tweet me @LindyMoone. (I’m already following you.) Or just Google me.

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