Never Trust an Avocado; They’ll Turn on You


Watch out for the fruit. They are emotionally unstable, their appearance of sturdiness, reliability and robustness is only skin deep. The grapes of wrath aren’t such a problem – they’re always the first to go, shriveling into pruney little shadows of themselves, muttering and forgotten down there in the dustbowl of the crisper. But the apples – oh the apples will try to lure you over to their way of thinking, and next thing you know you’re hanging out with all the bad seeds. There are the lemons of illumination, always good for a chat over a glass of wine, but that inevitably leads to finding the quinces of iniquity more attractive than anyone normally would. That way lies trouble, buster, and trouble is a road paved with the pears of pestilence, and short on the romance of pomegranates not to mention the peaches of charity, so watch out, is all I’m telling you. You’ll stick with vegetables if you know what’s good for you.

carrot line


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