Coming up close

Sometimes a song is so true you think it was written with you in mind.

We really did drive the two lane country roads of Iowa to visit your dad, and I really did draw a heart on an old deserted barn with our initials in the middle. We got out of the car and laid on the hood and watched the tall white clouds sail an endless blue sky.

We really did get back in the car (though the tape wasn’t Dylan, it was Neil Young). We really did drive around the fields until it started getting late.

We even listened to this song and sang along driving all the way to Florida with your dad and grandma in the front seat, me and you and your brother in the back.

The sound of wind in the corn has always been a sound of home. It will always be a lonely sound to me.

Sometimes a song can say better what you cannot say yourself: anything I could have said I felt somehow that you already knew

Sometimes a song is so real you’d give anything for it to be true in all its ordinary beauty: and he just got back in his car and drove away.

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