Working Equation: An Arithmetic of Sounds, a Subtraction of Smells

The huge ovens and mixing bowls, all around the sounds of Mexican rap and and Donald Trump shouting Win!, the improbably bright green floor and the oddly domestic smell of baking butter and sugar underlying all …life at the bakery is like a steampunnk vision – if Keebler Elves invented steampunk.


steampunk How It Feels To Bake at 3AM

The facility is busy these days, on some days there are as many as two dozen people moving quickly and purposefully about the bakery’s bright green floor. Boxes on trolleys are trundling past, as well as double rack after double rack of fragrant cookies: peanut butter, snickerdoodle, Nutella chocolate chip, butterscotch oatmeal raisin.

hansel and gretel Indiana University Dorm Room

Everywhere you look there are ordinary items rendered Willy Wonka-ishly peculiar by their commercial outsizedness:  huge hundred gallon red plastic trash cans filled with cold coffee, three foot tall whisks, mixing bowls large enough to bathe triplets in, and ovens as large as some dorm rooms I’ve shared.

Even the cookies, baked for a well known local company, are bigger than my face.

mariachi Ai caramba

The convection fans emit a soft roar; the oven racks squeak and squeal as they rorate. The wind rattles restlessly at…

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