18 Things No One Suspected The Writer of Thinking, Much less Knowing


  1. One of the two of us will be last.
  2. You can only flush so many times.
  3. There are some smells, like fates, you cannot escape.
  4. I can look away so long that I forget I am looking away.
  5. Some women have marimba laughter.
  6. Sometimes I just know, no matter what you said, that I was right.
  7. It isn’t always necessary or helpful to think about things I’ve done.
  8. You can be too sad to put the car key in the ignition of your car.
  9. It’s not the not knowing, it’s not even the wanting to ask, it’s the hating the needing to ask
  10. If you want to get attention, take off your shoes.
  11. The sight of rain-flattened prairie grasses compares to any Japanese rock garden.
  12. When they ask the errant shamefaced politician “What were you thinking of?!” I always want to say the answer for them, the one they’d answer if only they could remember how to talk: “I was in direct pursuit of fundamentally human desires.”
  13. Fear of what they must think is the worst reason not to do something.
  14. Popsicle stick sculptures lit on fire do not seem like art to me, but I’m open to meeting the person who might change this perspective
  15. Sometimes I awake, aloft. Other times I have to crawl up from the cellar.
  16. I heard someone tell this dream: “I am the only survivor, strapped into my seat on a plane that has crashed, a plane that carried every person who has ever meant anything to me.”
  17. I heard someone say, on a corner, I am a cheap Messiah. I turned to look but no one looked especially cheap unless you count the sex worker in the leopard print shoes (who looked absolutely awesome).
  18. I heard these two sentences on different days, from different people, and my mind keeps trying to hook them together, like an engine to a caboose, and make sense of them, or maybe even a whole universe: Maybe the neurologist was right, but I don’t know if I can wait for the autopsy to find out.

8 responses to “18 Things No One Suspected The Writer of Thinking, Much less Knowing

  1. Great post! Number 14 resonates with me, not necessarily with Popsicle on fire.. but there are so many other things I am open for suggestion of the other-wise 🙂

  2. I teach art and in my humble opinion, popsicle sticks are only good when used for popsicles or fire starters. My favorites on your great list are number 5 (how true) and number 12 (how incredibly true). 18 reminds me of Lewis Black ” If it hadn’t been for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent a year in college.”…

  3. Number 16 really hits home with me.. I’m going to write a Thanksgiving post and I was wondering if I may use the quote from 16 to emphasis the reason I’m personally grateful, and why we should all be appreciative on more than just Thanksgiving. I couldn’t figure out how to email you so I had to comment. 🙂

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